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Automata exhibition business

Mohren plans and manages the "British Automaton Exhibition". Based on the analysis of basic data such as the population composition of the area where the venue is located, the area of the exhibition venue, the access to the venue, and our abundant exhibition results, we will propose the optimum plan according to your budget. Various experiences and know-how are indispensable for the exhibition of automata. We will demonstrate our unique production power for everything related to the exhibition, from planning, dedicated furniture / lighting equipment, wiring, carry-in / installation / removal / carry-out, contact, operation, poster / flyer / hanging curtain design, etc.


We will collect and analyze data by directly asking about the exhibition time, period, target number of visitors, lighting equipment, delivery route, security, etc.


Proposal creation
We will measure the scale of the exhibition according to your wishes. We will propose works, furniture, lighting, carry-in installation / removal carry-out, schedule, etc.



Exhibition execution
We will manage the schedule from the start to the end of the exhibition, contact you, and perform other work related to the exhibition.

Please feel free to contact us.


We will propose from large halls to small spaces.

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There is a plan summary for 2022. (free)


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