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What is a picture book that jumps out?

Pop-up picture books are sometimes called pop-up picture books. Pop-ups are one of the classifications of picture books, but the beauty created by the carefully calculated and folded techniques is popular, and they are now synonymous with picture books. In addition, here we will introduce five parts according to the mechanism. 

1) Pop-up: A device that pops out a picture, sometimes called a 3D picture book.

とびだす絵本 サブダ01.jpg

2) Pull tab: A mechanism to move the picture by pulling the knob (tab).

とびだす絵本 プルタブ01.jpg
とびだす絵本 プルタブ02.jpg

3) Tunnel book: A peeping transparent device that makes full use of perspective.

とびだす絵本 トンネル01.jpg
とびだす絵本 トンネル02.jpg

4) Disc type: A mechanism that can be rotated and moved in a circular shape.

とびだす絵本 円盤01.jpg

5) Turning type: A mechanism by opening and closing the lid, in which another picture appears when one picture is turned.

とびだす絵本 フラップ01.jpg
愉快なおばさん 2 (2).jpg

* Pop-ups are further classified into 8 categories.
① Parallel folding

②Parallel folding / table type

③ Parallel folding / tent type

④ Parallel folding / block type

⑤ V-shaped fold

⑥ V-shaped fold / box type

⑦ V-shaped fold / tunnel type

⑧ V-shaped fold / flower type

History of picture books that jump out

A beautiful and fun "picture book that jumps out". It started in the 13th century and was for military purposes. It was created as a quick reference table of the constellations necessary for the operation of the ship. I'm surprised. Other than military purposes, it seems to have been used academically in natural sciences, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, etc. However, as the background of the times changes, playfulness and artistry are added to the mechanism, and its use shows a big change. In the latter half of the 18th century, a pop-up book for children was born. In the 19th century, full-scale picture books were published one after another, and pop-up books also appeared. Nowadays, "picture books that jump out" are accepted by adults because of their artistry, and their gimmicks are used in addition to picture books, and they are deeply ingrained in our lives.

We are looking for information on picture books that will jump out.

The technical explanation and history of the picture books that pop out are posted at our own discretion. I think there are many uncertainties and expressions that cannot be reached. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to tell us. We are also looking for information on pop-up books and gimmick picture books . We will post the information provided on our website or FB, so if you wish, we would appreciate it if you could send us the information below. However, we are very sorry that we cannot always post the information you sent, but we appreciate your understanding in advance.

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