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その昔、コヴェントガーデンにはCMT(キャバレー・メカニカル・シアター)の常設展示場がありました。展示場は地下広場に面しており、その広場にはおしゃれで美味しいワインカフェがあり、いつもどおり大勢の人で賑わっていました。 広場では常に何らかの洗練された音楽で満たされており、その上(1階)では多くのギャラリーが柵に手をかけ音楽を聴きカフェの客を眺めています。 これらの写真はその様子です。CMTの常設館があった頃と何も変わっていないので、広場でワインを飲みながら食事をしていると、いまにも目の前にスー・ジャクソンさん(当時CMT創設者、故人)が現れるのではないかというような錯覚に陥ったのでした。 *今回、食事をしたお店は「ザ ワイン プレイス コベント ガーデン」お店によると、元々はワインショップだったそう。いつからかレストラン(カフェ?)も経営しているとか。 A long time ago, there was a permanent exhibition hall for the CMT (Cabaret Mechanical Theater) in Covent Garden.The exhibition hall faces an underground plaza, and in that plaza there is a stylish and delicious wine café that is always bustling with a large number of customers. Some kind of music was being played in the plaza, and on the ground floor above it, many galleries held fences to listen to music and watch the cafe customers.These photos are of the square. Nothing has changed from when CMT first existed, so when I was having a glass of wine and eating in the plaza, Sue Jackson (the founder of CMT at the time, the deceased) was about to pop out of the door in front of me. I fall into the illusion that it will show me ....According to the shop staff, it used to be a wine shop, and since some time ago it has also run a restaurant (café?). The Wine Place Covent Garden

The food and wine were delicious, but it was the dessert that stood out. I don't usually eat dessert, but I ordered ice cream because it was a special occasion. It's served with brandy, but the mint and berries that were added were a bit of a mess in my mouth, and it was an indescribable deliciousness. Reflect on your unwillingness to eat.


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