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Called Automata, the power of the doll is mainly a mainspring and is deeply related to watch technology. Currently, many of the works of art produced in the 19th and 20th centuries are highly regarded in Japan, and are limited to the opportunities to be found in the collections of doll museums and music box museums in various regions, and at special exhibitions. However, automata have a long history and come in many forms.

Europe in the 18th century was the heyday of automata. Among them, the "duck" released in 1738 not only looks like a real duck, but also drinks water, pecks food, squeaks, flaps its wings, and digests what it eats. And even excreted. Unfortunately, there is no record of the mechanism, only a photo of the wreckage "duck". However, it is said that the invented technology was put into practical use and became a foothold for the Industrial Revolution.
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