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What is an automata?

The West mechanical doll / Automata In Western World ▶ English Site
Called Automata, the power of the doll is mainly a mainspring and is deeply related to watch technology. >> See more
  The emergence of port Lumpur Spooner / Debut Of Paul Spooner ▶ English Site
Karakuri dolls from Japan, France and Switzerland reached their heyday in the 18th century and produced many masterpieces that will remain in history. >> See more  
Japan's mechanical dolls that 1 / Automata In Japan -1 ▶ English Site
Speaking of Japanese Karakuri dolls, tea-carrying dolls are typical. Saikaku Ihara, a literary master of Edo, described it as "just like a human being", but he must have been amazed not only by him but by everyone who saw it. >> See more
Japan's mechanical dolls that 2 / Automata In Japan -2 ▶ English Site
Karakuri technology in Japan was inherited throughout the Edo period and became the driving force for the birth of modern engineers. >> See more
1 / Automata that of China mechanical dolls China -1 In ▶ English Site
It is said that the South-pointing chariot was invented in China around 2,600 BC, but it seems that it was 100-200 BC. >> See more

Mechanical doll that 2 / Automata in China China -2 In ▶ English Site
It is an ancient Chinese karakuri called "Kirikosha". >> See more

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