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A utomata in China -2

Automata in China -2 is called “Kiriko-sha”, of which the mechanism was invented in ancient China.  


Kiriko-sha and Shinan-sha are used in pairs for the measurement of the length of route and the area of the country.


The Kiriko-sha shows an excellent motion due to the sophisticated mechanism; a doll beats the drum to indicate the constant distance that Kiriko-sha moved.


  So the technicians put a lot of effort into the production of the measuring device, and the governors made efforts to find the clever usage of it.  


Although legend says that Kiriko-sha was used in the war, it was, in fact, used mainly as the symbol of the authority of emperor.  


Tadataka Inou used “Ryoutei-sha”, of which the mechanism is due to Kiriko-sha, for surveying the country of Japan. The use of Ryoutei-sha led to the origin of some Japanese words; “Kiriganai” etc.

(Ref. “Haguruma-Bunkashi, by Hirosi Uchiyama)

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