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  The emergence of port Lumpur Spooner
Karakuri dolls from Japan, France and Switzerland reached their heyday in the 18th century and produced many masterpieces that will remain in history. However, the current automata (modern karakuri dolls) have moved their place of activity to the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that in the three countries mentioned above, the social background for younger Karakuri writers to grow has become weaker.

Next is the introduction of a new style of automata born in the United Kingdom. Paul Spooner, an artist and automata writer who is still active, has brought a world view that cannot be met by one genre of automata.

And people and collectors who are attracted to Paul Spooner's work and aim to become automata writers have come to see many people not only in the UK but all over the world. There are many examples of people who originally made a living as graphic designers and animation writers, met Paul Spooner's work and became professional karakuri dolls.

Their works are all simple ones made of wood, brass, etc., but with precise and advanced gimmicks, each doll has a fun movement full of humor, as if each doll had a "human heart". Will show you.

In addition, the biggest feature was the disclosure of all the mechanisms that were the heart of driving the karakuri dolls and the trade secret, which gave us a completely different idea from the previous karakuri doll making.
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