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Anubis in Montmartre | Paul Spooner / Matt Smith

Fashionable Anubis tries to have a pleasant morning at the continental breakfast in Montmartre's cafe, but the trouble is that noisy flies appear. He can't get rid of the fly very well. The combination of ratchet and linkage shows interesting movements.

This work was made in 1989 and was exhibited at CMT's permanent building in Covent Garden, London. Now the permanent building has finished its role and closed its long history, but at that time it came to us.
When it arrived, I was very worried at that time whether it would be so badly damaged that it could be unveiled in Japan.

Even so, I managed to get rid of the dirt, disassembled and repaired the pin gear that was the center of the mechanism, and when it finally started to move, I was surprised to hear a voice of joy. It is a work with a very strong feeling.

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