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Paul Spuna is an artist born in Preston, England in 1948. After graduating from Lancaster University, he expresses the absurdity of the everyday world, ironically and humorously, from a unique perspective based on ancient Greek philosophy. I am doing.

The charming work has a deep theme contrary to its appearance, and the mechanism of Karakuri uses precise and advanced technology, and it is full of charm that entertains viewers regardless of age or gender. increase.

  At first glance, the mechanical mechanism of Karakuri seen in the work of is simple, but if you look closely, you will notice that it is extremely rational. What's more, when I look at the moving works, for some reason, I feel like "when I've forgotten or I'm attached to things." We hope that you will enjoy the unique and ironic movement of Karakuri, which has various charms and gives many suggestions, at the exhibition of Mohren.

Automata work guide ▶ English Site

This page introduces the automata collected by MOLEN. The total number of "modern automata" collected mainly in the United Kingdom exceeds 100, but some of the carefully selected works will be released on this website. Occasionally, we may change the works to be shown. Of course, in that case, we will announce it on the HP top page and SNS. We would appreciate it if you could visit us from time to time.


We are looking for information on automata

The technical explanation and history of automata and karakuri dolls are posted at our own discretion. I think there are many uncertainties and expressions that cannot be reached. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to tell us. We are also looking for information on automata . We will post the information provided on our website or FB, so if you wish, we would appreciate it if you could send us the information below. However, we are very sorry that we cannot always post the information you sent, but we appreciate your understanding in advance.

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