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Museum of the mind | Paul Spooner

It is a work that expresses that human beings have various ideas depending on the person. If you could look inside your head, you might think of an extinct Dodo bird, have to clean your room, or go through the trivial things of everyday life. Was expressed. The materials of the work are paper and bamboo. Did you notice that there is a protrusion in the lower right corner of the work? By sliding this protrusion = knob to the left and right, compressed air is sent to the cylinder in the center of the work. Powered by the compressed air, the doll's head splits to the left and right, and small works from the inside rise up while moving finely with the help of air. * The movement of the product made for the exhibition hall is slightly different from the previous explanation because it is powered by the rotation of the motor. Please forgive me in advance.

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