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Anubis Magic / Scarab Wrapper | Paul Spooner / Matt Smith

Every time you raise the box that you see in the pyramid that Anubis holds, the green insect (scarab = dung beetle) turns over, becomes a mummy, and returns to its original shape. It's fun just to make a magic trick with a karakuri doll, but if you pay attention to the details of the work as described below, you can enjoy the work "Two Changes". In ancient Egypt, Anubis was one of the gods depicted in the pyramids, and scarabs were considered the medium that connects gods and humans. Odoroki at the moment when each of the pyramid, scarab, and Anubis changes from a point to a line. .. .. The author who calculated the change in the viewer's consciousness in advance. He may be the one who actually imagines the surprise of the viewers at the exhibition twice and enjoys it the most.



Mr. Nae Chikazawa drew a commentary on "Anubis magic tricks".
March 3, 2021


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