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Banana Aged / Banana Ripener | Paul Spooner / Matt Smith

It's the story of a man who just keeps waiting for bananas to be ready to eat. It is a work that beautifully expresses the philosophy that makes full use of Spooner's unique irony. When a man looking at a magazine lifts a cloche (like a lid over a dish), the banana inside changes from green to yellow. Even in Japan, the mechanism of Karakuri is almost the same for Karakuri dolls called Shindama dolls or magic dolls in the Edo period. The news that came to me from the radio was the key to making this work. One day Paul Spooner was listening to the radio while working, where banana plantations in the southern country were talked about. When shipping bananas, we calculate the transportation time to the consuming country and harvest while the bananas are blue. In other words, the time it takes for consumers to deliver the aged and yellow bananas as ready-to-eat bananas is calculated backwards. It seems that he came up with a person who has a skillful intuition to see the time as the main character of this work = banana aging master.

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