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"Automaton Theater"

About 125 years ago, a book by Rotar Meggendorfer, who is said to have a talent for "pop-up books" that is unique in this world, was published. It is one of the oldest pop-up books owned by Mohren.

The image on the upper right (second from the top when viewed on a smartphone) is the "how to move" of the picture book drawn on the back cover. At that time, the picture was moved using a link mechanism called a "tab" instead of a mechanism in which the picture popped out when the page was turned. Meggendorfer's gimmicks are characterized by the mechanism that multiple gimmicks move at the same time just by pulling one pull tab.

  Lothar Meggendorfer (1847-1925), along with Ernest Nister, is known as the master of 19th-century picture book writers.

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