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Exhibition planning and management

From the original picture book of the picture book 120 years ago to Robert Sabta, we are planning and managing an exhibition of "picture book of jumping out". From the large hall to the small space, we will plan according to your wishes. The main exhibits are shown below.

Part 1 Old books / original books (A)

This is the original book of "Automata Theater" by Rotar Meggendorfer. It was produced in 1890 (125 years ago). Lothar Meggendorfer: 1847-1925 >> Read more 

Part 2 Old books / original books (B)

This is the original book of Voychev Kubasta's "Gulliver's Travels". It was produced in 1950 (66 years ago).
Voitech Kubasta: 1914-1992

Part 3, 4 large sign, 5 times size 1 point each

We have a large sign (object) as an eye catcher. It will liven up the atmosphere of the venue. The left is "Alice in Wonderland" W2000H1500, and the right is "Dinosaur Age" W1000H1700. 

Part 5 and 6 Exhibition cases for old books and original books 1 point each

We have prepared two sets of a special stand + acrylic glass case for decorating valuable materials of old and original books.
Size: W600 x D600 x H1050 

Part 7 Rotar Meggendorfer "City Park" exclusive case

We have prepared special furniture for you to see "City Park" by Rotar Meggendorfer, which is synonymous with tunnel-type picture books. Size: W2100 x D600 x H1050

Part 8   Jagged wall "North wind and sun"

A wall that changes to a "northern wind story" when viewed from the right and a "sun story" when viewed from the left. * Mohren's original work.
Size: W3000 x D600 x H1800

Part 9   Manual turning machine 12 points

It is a Mohren original device that can lightly turn pages from small children to the elderly while protecting the fragile "picture book that jumps out". Size: W3000 x D600 x H1800

Part 10   50 to 100 books that you can touch directly * 2 dedicated tables (size diameter 2 m)

We have prepared a "picture book that jumps out" that you can directly appreciate. An example of a typical book is also shown below.
* Table size: W3000 x D600 x H1800 (2 units)

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